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Book #1 of the Warriors and Watchers Saga. . .

Evil Speaks

Launch date: February 2017!   

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I  hope you enjoy this site. The goals are as follows:

  • To offer a step-by-step guide to readers interested in learning how to take an idea and craft it into a novel from someone who teaches Creative Writing, writes novels and screenplays, and edits manuscripts. See the tab for Writing Lessons and start with the Introduction.
  • To inform fans about previous works or my current Warriors and Watchers Saga, a 7-novel Middle Grade series. Go to My Novels or My Screenplays tab. Or click the link to see the series website.
  • To share creative energy and space with others. Please share your comments and insights. I welcome an exchange of ideas
  • In the Works: Book Reviews by Kids 4 Kids and a Marketing/Build Your Platform blogs.