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So, You Want to Write a Memoir? Guest blog by Karl Shonborn


Good luck, My Friend.  Here's what I've learned.   Readers of memoir love a “real” story.  But once you've invited them into your story, your life, it is only by utilizing the craft of fiction that you keep them there. Along about the eleventh draft of Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal, I realized I had to pay more attention to the dicta of fiction: the building of character, the nurturing of plot which reveals character, and the construction of scenes and settings. Being the veteran of four academic books, did not aid me in my epic struggle with my memoir, which, at times, drowned me in the sea of perpetual doubt. Perseverance, that oft-hidden trait, and the drive to reveal, deal with and bare the past is what buoyed me to the surface and pulled me to shore, a saved wretch, now hugging my published memoir, a book that has asked more of me and given more to me than any project so far. If you are contemplating writing a memoir, I urge you to learn the craft of fiction … [Read more...]