Step 4: Introduction to Basic Writing Techniques

Before you start writing. There are basic techniques and skills that are all vital—they are the building blocks of good writing. Avoid massive re-writes by learning them now. Then go back to them as you write, as you edit and when you need help.

There are 15 techniques, interactively linked. When you’re done with one, click the link at the bottom of the page to go to the next. You can always return to the interactive Table of Contents to pick up where you left off. These are all a part of Step 4, hence, they are numbered Skill 4.1, Skill 4.2, etch. Enjoy!

Skill 4.1: 24 Sentence Patterns Used by Pros is still under construction–here is the link to Skill 4.2: Active vs. Passive Verbs

Go to Skill 4.2:  Active vs Passive Verbs


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