Step 2: Key Plot Points Using the 3-act Structure

Plots Blockbuster Pure and Simple

Why do I need to follow a structure? I write “organically” as it comes to me. Ever since Aristotle defined the six elements that make a drama great in Poetics, every dramatist since then has copied the format. Shakespeare used it, and every screenwriter since still uses it. Why? Because it works! Time after time after time. A structure ensures that you hit major turning points when you should. The reader expects them, and if you decide to “do it your way” you risk losing readers. A structure ensures that your process is repeatable. Therefore, you ensure quality from book to book or project to project. Some erroneously think that creating a plot (I never use the word outline, which falls short for many reasons) “restricts the imagination.” Wrong! The creative process is the brainstorming involved in creating character and plot. (A friend of mine writes “organically” as she moves along, but then she hits a wall, throws out entire chapters of writing, and sometimes even sets the … [Read more...]