Step 1: Create Dynamic Characters

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Dynamic Characters: Gender, Age, History and Character Traits Why start with character? 1. Dynamic—means takes decisive action, think dynamite. Characters should challenge one another—explode. Mistake number one—creating inconsistent, flat characters who are “too nice” to one another. From day one, create oppositional characters who will challenge and perhaps change one another. 2. “Character Driven Fiction” means just what it says—the characters (and their character traits) drive the action of the plot. If you start by creating dynamic characters who take dynamic action, you will end up with “Character Driven Plots.” The opposite is “Situational Plots,” which means that the author has devised “things that will happen to a character.” The character becomes a puppet and the author, the puppeteer who makes the flat character dance. The puppeteer says, “I’ll make this happen to my character” and then that will happen. Let the characters act, speak and drive. 3. If you think of … [Read more...]