Step 3: Decide Point-of-View and Perspective

Points of View

Why decide POV and perspective now? I’ve had many writer friends and editing clients decide, after the novel is finished, to change POV. Again—time waster. This means an author does not understand POV or did not consider it as a vital decision to make prior to getting in the car and driving to the end of the road. Now, he or she must go back to the starting line and drive the course again—only to find, at some point, it doesn’t work. Why not? Because it changes the entire story, as explained in the next point. Imagine you’re at a bereavement reception. A little girl, sick for a long time, has died. The others present include a successful father, doting mother, shy sister and friends, including a little boy and a psychologist who is helping him. If you recognize the plot, it’s The Sixth Sense. Depending on the POV, you have an entirely different story: Mother’s POV (horror story): She acts like the perfect mother. She dotes on her children, even as she poisons them. Once her … [Read more...]