Writing Lessons: Table of Contents

Step 1: Create Dynamic Characters Step 2: Create Key Plot Points Using the 3-act Structure Step 3: Decide Point-of-View and Perspective Step 4: Learn Basic Writing Techniques (and Novice Mistakes)           1)  24 Sentence Patterns Used by Pros           2)  Active vs. Passive Verbs           3)  Action vs. Dialogue Tags           4)  Worst Words—Omit Them!           5)  Show, Don’t Tell           6)  Specific Details & Research           7)  Sensory Details           8)  Flashbacks vs. Info Dumps           9)  Characterization: Direct vs. Indirect         10)  Story Structure Styles         11)  Dialogue vs. Narrative Passages         12)  Invoking Emotional Responses         13)  Avoid Adverbs         14)  Figurative Language         15)  Poetic Techniques for Fiction Writers Step 5: Craft Riveting Dialogue and Scenes Step 6: Write Your Novel, Story or Screenplay Step 7: Revise and Edit Step 8: Traditional vs. … [Read more...]