Writing Lessons: Introduction


There are a thousand blogs on the internet about writing. What makes this one different?            I’m a teacher, award-winning novelist, screenwriter, developmental editor, blogger, and have my MFA in Creative Writing. I teach, I write, I edit. I wanted a repeatable system that ensured dynamic character development, powerful 3-act plots, quality writing and dramatic impact. And, I wanted to be able to do it again and again. (My first novel, historical, took years to write, and the second, using my system, was written in 8-weeks--first draft). Can I teach? Yes, and by nuts and bolts, not page after page. Most people (like me) want good information, and they want it fast. Move step-by-step or jump to a topic.If you’re new to writing and just “have an idea,” I encourage that you move step-by-step. Can I write? My senior honors thesis at UCI won the award for “the most outstanding” (big deal—that means I can research and write analytically). My debut novel won … [Read more...]