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 Warriors and Watchers Saga

                   Evil Speaks

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Seven ancient gates of evil will open unless. . .

a quirky group of kids can become warriors.

The fate of the world is in their hands.


A Middle Grade Epic Mythological Fantasy


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   “Unveiling is an excellent story and compelling read.” –Judge, Writer’s Digest SP e-book Awards

Sara is twenty, headstrong, and her greatest passion is painting. She paints what she loves: the images from her lush family history passed down for generations, the colorful traditions of her culture, the people and the places she sees every day  . . . all from behind a veil.

King’s Camel Races

Sara’s father, Abdullah, shares Sara’s passion for Saudi history.  He’s long despised the destruction of the “old ways” of life, the alterations to the landscape, and the decadent influences infiltrating Saudi life ever since the Oil Boom. When Sara flaunts her strong will and shows disrespect, Abdullah takes away her precious paints and orders her to accept convention: marriage. Given the ultimatum between love and family or painting and artistic creation, she flees from home to find artistic sanctuary with her former art teacher, Lulu, in America. There, Sara sees that unveiling entails far more than removing a piece of black cloth. As Sara struggles to choose between the two things she loves most: her family and heritage or her art and freedom, she is pursued by her father, an INS agent, and a hopeful suitor.

In the tradition of 1001 Arabian Nights, Woffington’s novel weaves ancient stories of the Al’Khutban family and of Saudi Arabia’s past with the modern-day heartaches and triumphs of endearing and unforgettable characters. The Unveiling is a tale for all times and for all people who struggle to find their place in the world and the courage to unveil their true faces and hearts.


 Al’Bab (The Gate):

“By the Winds Sent Forth

One after another

To man’s profit:


Which then blow violently

In tempestuous gusts,

And scatter things

Far and wide;

Then separate them,

One from another,

Then spread abroad

A reminder,

Whether of Justification

Or of Warning;—

Assuredly, what ye are

Promised must come to pass.”  (The Qur’an, 77: 1-7)