Writing Lessons: Introduction

There are a thousand blogs on the internet about writing. What makes this one different? 


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I’m a teacher, award-winning novelist, screenwriter, developmental editor, blogger, and have my MFA in Creative Writing. I teach, I write, I edit.

I wanted a repeatable system that ensured dynamic character development, powerful 3-act plots, quality writing and dramatic impact. And, I wanted to be able to do it again and again. (My first novel, historical, took years to write, and the second, using my system, was written in 8-weeks–first draft).

Can I teach? Yes, and by nuts and bolts, not page after page. Most people (like me) want good information, and they want it fast. Move step-by-step or jump to a topic.If you’re new to writing and just “have an idea,” I encourage that you move step-by-step.

Can I write? My senior honors thesis at UCI won the award for “the most outstanding” (big deal—that means I can research and write analytically). My debut novel won an award from Writer’s Digest (I’m very proud of this honor, given the massive number of entries and the select number of winners). Craft and quality are important to me. If they are important to you, read on.

Each section starts with “Why do this?” followed by Let’s Get to Work, before we begin an action step.

Vitally important points are in red and reference books to consider for your writer’s library or website links and learning tools are in blue

Please engage and add comments and feedback. I’ve added a question at the end of most posts, so that we can foster communication about the writing process. I hope you will share your thoughts, feedback and otherwise keep the conversation going. I appreciate your input!

No one has paid me to list their books or websites. These are purely my selections based on my personal experience with the authors, books or websites and my high regard for each. By law, bloggers must disclose “affiliates” (where compensation in any form, including a free book, transpires).

Writing Lessons are set up to provide you with a “full” lesson on a topic, so some are a few pages long. Step 4 (Basic Writing Techniques and Novice Mistakes) is subdivided so you can navigate to what you need more easily.

If you find the material helpful, please leave a comment, share my site or articles with your friends and follow me on Twitter or Facebook. Coming soon: a free downloadable book with all of this and more. Thank you!

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